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Few Updates that SEO Company Need to Keep in Mind

Search Engine uses algorithm to maintain ranking based on different keywords. At the same time, experts keep on bringing changes in their algorithm updates such that genuine practices are followed and the website get the needed boost. Fair practices, followed strategically can really be helpful in enhancing brand visibility. Let’s discuss on few Google updates that has recently turned up to put down the websites following unfair means to gain ranking.


EMD update was one of them that work over website that could gain ranking just because their domain contains keyword searched by user. Google penalized such sites. Similarly, Google Panda and Penguin were then in the market to penalize sites using unfair practices. Quality, relevant content is something that can really be beneficial for your business. Furthermore, the users were benefited with Top Heavy Update, as it was a lash for the website using heavy advertisement for positioning well in Google listing. SEO Company India takes care of all such measures and make sure that their customers get the needed support.



Likewise from time to time, search engine keeps on updating its algorithm and make sure that unfair practices of achieving ranking could be stopped. SEO Company has a team of experts who are well qualified and experienced in looking into the needs of customers and offering them the customized solutions that could be beneficial in achieving ranking, by improving traffic. Apart from it, they just not design the plan, but also work in the same direction to achieve the milestones. Indeed, they keep their customers aware about the ongoing progress and make sure that they can make the changes in the plan, as desired. A trustworthy and reliable SEO Company India can really prove to be beneficial in giving your business a new height in this online world.


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